Recovery week

Gary Tebbutt
Friday, 24 August, 2012

Well the ‘easy’ week came around but it didn’t feel particularly easy or refreshing – don’t know if it should have. It would probably be better described as a recovery week. I have never enjoyed tapering for races (although this week has been nothing like a taper) as I tend to stiffen up and become lethargic and bloated – I end up feeling like the Michelin man from the tyre advert, what an athlete!  

Early riser

  That is now out of the way and back to some solid work as Nick described it. Currently enjoying the 90 minute mid-week early morning runs before work and I have to get used to running in the dark again.  Getting out the door pre 5am and realising it is dark is a bit of a shock to the system but the sun very quickly rises and I have seen some wonderful skies. Running at this time of morning, in these conditions is absolutely great and occasionally, if the run does not involve intervals or thresholds I take the MP3. Had a magic moment yesterday with Pink Floyd and ‘shine on you crazy diamond’. The words ‘remember when you were young? You shone like the sun’ occurred just as the sun poked its head over the hills of the Yorkshire Wolds. Perfect timing. Then the Doors came on (LA Woman), the day can only go downhill from here.   Finally decided to try the Salomon backpack for first time the other morning at 5am. Stood at side of a country road, eating rice crackers and peanut butter with the occasional overnight truck speeding past and the driver wondering what the hell he was looking at!  Really like the pack and its fit and feel confident to try it on my next long run.  

Clocking up the miles

  The miles are clocking up in training now and it looks like I may hit 250 miles for August which will be just 2 short of my best ever and so I am quite pleased with that (may have to sneak a quick 3 miler in somewhere). However, must remember that for the Ultra its time on the feet and not junk miles that matter.   The niggle that I had with my knee for the first few weeks of Operation Ultra has improved greatly. Plenty of one legged squats / knee dips and IT band stretches as prescribed by Nick and Paul appear to be working. The knee still reminds me occasionally that it hasn’t finished yet but I think another few weeks of strengthening and stretching will do the trick.


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