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Dominic Scotting
Friday, 3 August, 2012

I thought I'd start my first blog with a ‘The Story So Far’ moment. My background in sport really is primarily as a cyclist although there is a strong family history of running. But knowing, as I do, that there is also a history of dodgy knees I decided that I should get my running in now and come back to cycling in a few years time when I have the Robo-Cop walk.


Becoming a runner

  I should also point out at this point that like Gary, I too was a sporting write-off at school. I just never found anything that seemed to suit and running was no different. A couple of years ago I made the move for work across the border from Devon to Cornwall, it was during the particularly horrible winter of 2010. Over the winter I crashed my bike on the ice and decided that I didn't really feel confident cycling whilst the weather was so bad. It was then that I decided to see if there was a local running club so that I could meet some people and keep my fitness up before going back to the cycling in the spring. I found that there was a friendly local club, Launceston Road Runners. I met up with them and went out on a few runs, I quite quickly realised that I wasn't actually as bad at running as my PE teachers had led me to believe!


Junk miles

  Running with a group was a great way to meet new people and make new friends the pride of having race results read out has also helped to spur me on with my running. My big problem is one, which I suspect hampers the progress of a lot of runners, is that I put in plenty of miles but not enough of them have been structured. Meeting up with Nick and the team has been fantastic, as having a structured plan has helped me to really focus my training and cut out the “junk miles”. The only problem now is fitting it all in with having a baby! Thankfully I have an incredibly supportive wife who is really helping me to keep on track. I have been having a lot of early starts to try and get the miles in! So that brings us right up to date. As of today I have been having a slightly rough few days with some tightness through my shins, which I am fairly sure has been caused by my inability to run my ‘easy’ sessions easily enough. My new mantra needs to be slow and steady! I have been to the Physio today though and have been making good use of my compression socks, ice packs and foam roller!   I'm now heading firmly into week three of Operation Ultra and what a few weeks it has been. For now I'm just trying to get my head around the challenge ahead. Thankfully I have the Olympics to inspire me on.


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