Real endurance

Dominic Scotting
Tuesday, 28 August, 2012

I, like millions of others, watched with excitement as Mo Farah powered his way to a second gold medal. I was on my feet at the end, baby in arms, willing him on with a every fibre of my being. When our valiant hero Mo had crossed the line they cut to the head of UK Endurance, an older man, who I can only assume had ground his teeth down to the roots with the stress of training his endurance athletes.   The term Endurance athlete got me thinking? What the hell is an endurance athlete? Endurance, according to the OED is the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process through to the end.   Can you endure something that you want to do? If it's really that difficult or unpleasant can't you just stop? I have seen endurance, endurance is looking into your wife's eyes as she tries, after 20 long hours, to squeeze another human out of one of her bodily orifices. And when she looks up at you with nothing left in her eyes and tells you she wants to go home; because you are a stupid, stupid runner you meekly suggest a glass of water, as if a glass of water and an energy gel might perk her up for mile 26! This is endurance putting up with something unbearable and having to carry on with it.   Mrs Farah is all set to show Mo the true meaning of endurance! A friend of mine, who is a top level county runner, told me the other day that he was off to do a fun run, I obviously scoffed at the idea but then it got me thinking perhaps running would be more appealing to the masses if we had more fun runs. So on that basis I have rebranded my own upcoming event as an Ultra Fun Run. And yes I intend to smile all the way around, after all I can go home if I want to!


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