Tearing off a strip

Danny Coyle

Thursday, 22 March, 2012
The flack began flying from the moment the curtain went up on Team GB’s new clobber for London 2012.

Designed by Stella McCartney and manufactured by adidas, the athletes competing in their home Games, the first on British soil since 1948, will be sporting a version of the union flag that seems to have replaced the red elements of the famous symbol with blue.

Red sneaks in through the back door by way of some detail on the neck and sleeves of many of the pieces but the overriding response among the hundreds of thousands in social media world has largely been negative. And who can blame them? Olympic kit 2012

It makes you wonder how many more PR disasters the Games will stumble into between now and 27th July when the opening ceremony kicks off.

First there was the logo for the Games, a lurid representation of the year of the games that, upon release of its animated version, was reported to have brought on epileptic fits in some sufferers.

Then came the ticketing fiasco that meant the man on the street was as likely to get a ticket for the 100m final as he was to secure a seat on the next rocket to the moon. Olympic kit 2012 girls

We’ve had charges to get in to the Olympic Park, unanswered questions about yet more ticket-related problems and concerns over London’s geriatric transport system collapsing during the games.

Now, to top the lot, if you are lucky enough to have a ticket to the stadium, you’ll have the pleasure of watching the British boys and girls going for gold in the most bizarre Olympic outfits Team GB athletes have ever been forced to wear.

All will be forgiven if Mo Farah, Jess Ennis, Sir Chris Hoy and Co claim the big prizes so tantalisingly within their grasp this summer. Gold medals for Britain’s brightest hopes will see them standing on that top step of the podium and the genuine union flag, replete with red, hoisted high into the London sky. Assuming Stella hasn’t been let loose on that, too.


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