957Gold for Greene in Daegu

Gold for Greene in Daegu

Dai Greene has won Britain’s first Gold Medal at the World Athletic Championships in Daegu in the 400m hurdles in a time of 48.26, marginally ahead of Puerto Rico's Javier Culson who came second in a time of 48.44secsDai Greene
After a nail biting delayed start to the race, Greene held his nerve and came through the field to win in the final 100m. He said 'I was a little bit disappointed that I was off the pace going into the last hurdle,' but ‘when I got ahead I thought "I'm not letting this go now."So how did Britain’s new Golden Boy of athletics prepare for what has been the biggest race of his life? He told his nutrition partners Myprotein.com ‘I warm up for at least an hour before... sometimes seeing a physio at track side for extra stretching and muscle release work.’ ‘I will mentally prepare by planning my race out a couple of hours before hand, checking weather conditions and wind direction to see which stride pattern would be best to use. After deciding on this I will play out the race in my head, going through the stride pattern I plan to use.’ In terms of nutrition ‘before a race I like to eat a meal with carbs (rice or pasta), small amount of veg and a small protein (chicken or turkey) at four hours before I’m due to race. I do this so that I don’t feel too full when I’m competing. I also take beta alanine from my nutrition partners Myprotein.com as a buffering agent to help me cope with the lactic acid build-up.’ ‘After a race I take Myprotein’s L-Glutamine and Impact Whey Isolate to help my recovery.’Dai has been working with Myprotein.com for two years now with the aim of winning every major international competition on the athletics calendar. This World Championship Gold is now added to the European and Commonwealth Gold he won earlier this year. Next stop, 2012 London!

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