1456Stimulant supplement behind marathon runner’s death

Stimulant supplement behind marathon runner’s death

An avid runner, who collapsed and died in the London Marathon 2012, death was partly caused by a stimulant supplement, according to a recent coroner’s report.   30-year-old Claire Squires collapsed not far from the finish of the race and died later in hospital. It was revealed yesterday that she had used a scoop of the supplement JACK3D in her water bottle. The powder contained  DMAA (1,3dimethylamylamine), which reportedly increases the heart rate.   Recording a narrative verdict at the hearing at Southwark Coroners' Court yesterday Dr Philip Barlow said: "Claire Squires collapsed during the final stages of the London Marathon.   "She had taken a supplement containing DMAA which, on the balance of probabilities, in combination with extreme physical exertion, caused acute cardiac failure, which resulted in her death.”   In August last year the ingredient was banned and ordered to be removed from products in several countries across Europe including the UK. Despite this ban, JACK3D is still on sale on Amazon with the ingredient removed and can be bought and shipped to the UK.   But on American site www.jack3d.org, the supplement’s list of ingredients described on the site still includes DMAA and links to the site from which you can buy it are prominently displayed, with DMAA again included in the list of ingredients.   The site defends at length its continued use of DMAA in its product, citing a number of studies into it, and describes the decision to remove the ingredient in the UK and Australia as “Wrongful bans, in our opinions, given the data shown.”   Ms Squires’ death sparked an extraordinary reaction at the time (http://www.mensrunninguk.co.uk/dannyblog24april2012.obyx), with donations now exceeding £940,000 on the Justgiving page she had set up (http://www.justgiving.com/Claire-Squires2 ) to raise money for the Samaritans through her marathon effort.   Speaking to Men’s Running, High5 events and marketing manager Raphael Deinhart explains that sports nutrition is a vital part of endurance events.    According to Deinhart, runners should not be wary of taking energy products but should inform themselves and pick a brand they know and trust.   "There are three key areas athletes should focus on: electrolytes and fluids for hydration, carbohydrate for energy and protein for after sport. For example, your body has a limited store of carbohydrate to fuel your working muscles. After 90 minutes of running, your energy levels will start to fall.  Adding to your body’s carbohydrate stores, with a sports drink and gel, is key to maintaining your performance", says Deinhart.   He adds: “At High5 we take great care to ensure that our products are fit for purpose and safe to use. We only use the highest quality natural ingredients and manufacture to BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards.   No High5 product contains an ingredient found on the WADA prohibited list. Ingredients on the WADA list are often banned because of the health risks they pose to the consumer.”  

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