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Chris Gower


Chris is an Englishman living, working and running in New York.
They think it’s all over. It is… for now... Friday 25 October 2013 It recently struck me that I could pick any number of stock X-factor contestant clichés to describe my Indianapolis marathon training... Read more >
13 weeks, 573 miles and 1 big hiccup Thursday 10 October 2013 For the past 13 weeks, my mind has been awash with numbers, stats and facts. 91 days, 74 runs, 80 hours, 573 miles and 86,000 calories. That’s what I have put my body through since 1st July... Read more >
Sweat in the City Wednesday 17 July 2013 For the last two weeks, New York has been in the midst of a heat wave. I don’t believe that the term ‘heat wave’ does it justice, though... Read more >
Getting back on the horse (I rode in on) Thursday 4 July 2013 MR New York based blogger Chris has come to the conclusion he is his own worst enemy. Here’s why he is celebrating 4th July by kicking off his marathon training... Read more >
The Romance of Endurance Monday 18 March 2013 In early January, in the midst of an intensive marathon training schedule, my running was stopped dead in its tracks by a sharp and unforgiving calf pain... Read more >
Keep Calm and Carry On -Tales of a Frustrated Runner Wednesday 30 January 2013 All runners fear an injury that spells time out on the injury bench. Men's Running blogger Chris shares his recent injury woes... Read more >
How to PB Tuesday 20 November 2012 Yesterday I ran a sub-20 minute 5km for the first time. While it sounds underwhelming when stated as factually as that, it is something I have been aspiring to for the past 2 and a half years... Read more >
Run Anyway NYC Marathon 2012 Wednesday 7 November 2012 No one would dare draw parallels between the impact the cancellation of the NYC marathon had on forty thousand runners to that which Hurricane Sandy had on millions of New Yorkers, and rightly so... Read more >
Hurricane Sandy Wednesday 31 October 2012 Trying to determine the difference between the sensationalist fervour of the media and reality is sometimes tricky to do; never has this been truer than the past week as Hurricane Sandy approached America’s East Coast... Read more >
The Central Park runner Saturday 27 October 2012 In the month since I moved to New York, while I have yet to explore more than a couple of the many running paths I’ve been told the city has to offer, one thing has become very clear to me: Central Park causes bi-polar running... Read more >
Catching the running bug Friday 26 October 2012 My name is Chris and I'm a 28 year-old Englishman living, working and running in New York. In early 2010, three stone overweight after almost a decade of inactivity, I started running... Read more >

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