1454Winter running

Winter running

Staying motivated to exercise in the cold winter months can be tough - not least getting out of bed for a #morningrun!

Monday 3 December 2012

Finding motivation to run in the cold, and often wet and windy winter months can be tough. I love running, but like many people find dragging myself out of bed while it is still dark to head off to work a challenge – let alone getting out there for a run first!   Personally, I prefer to run later in the day as I find my muscles are less tight and I’m less likely to pick up injuries.  I count myself as very fortunate to work in an office that has showers and is happy for its staff to nip out at lunch for a run and come back muddy and smelly – well it is a running magazine!   However, I do enjoy a #morningrun at the weekends, as does my 16 year old border collie who joined me on a run when I popped back to Devon recently for a visit. She might not be able to do the long runs she once could but her enthusiasm is infectious and she made a pre-breakfast early #morningrun seem easy.    MR-online-ed-carys-matthews


Life on two wheels

  I might not be a massive fan of early morning running, but I am a fan of morning cycling and last week I picked up my first new bicycle in 17 years! Winter might not be the ideal time to start commuting by bike, but it sure beats being squashed on a crowded tube surrounded by people coughing and spluttering!   My daily commute is about 8.5miles each way with a couple of hills thrown in for good measure, so is proving to be great low impact way to maintain my cardio fitness and improve leg strength.    

The curse of the ITB

  I am also still working hard on my core and strength programme devised by Men's Running new guest physio Kelly from SixPhysio as I continue rehabbing an ITB injury, which first started in April after I ran the Brighton Marathon.   Despite running for a number of years I have been quite fortunate not to suffer much from injury, however dealing with such a notoriously stubborn injury has forced me to reevaluate my running technique and form, which if I’m honest wasn’t great.   The upside of this is that I now feel physically much stronger as muscles long neglected have been put into action and my form and posture is much improved. I’m still not 100% recovered, but am slowly building up the miles, with the aim of getting in shape so that I can achieve my 2013 fitness and running goals pain free!

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