Greater Manchester Marathon

Carys Matthews

Friday, 20 July, 2012
As I write this I am sat on a train on my way back to London after attending the Greater Manchester Marathon (GMM) official 2013 launch at Old Trafford. And yes, I had to have my picture taken with the red devil! This has been an exciting trip for two reasons. First, I’ve never been to Manchester. Second, the GMM, which was reborn in 2012 after a ten-year hiatus, claims to have one of the UK’s fastest marathon courses, which for PB junkie such as myself is an attractive draw.

Confession time

  I should probably come clean here and confess that I’m not entirely keen on the beautiful game, and generally grumble quietly to myself whenever the boyfriend insists on watching it at home. So, when asked to attend Old Trafford for work I’ll admit I wasn’t overly bothered about the venue. This opinion soon changed when I stepped inside the iconic stadium as you just can’t fail to be impressed by the size of the place – I can only imagine what it will be like on match day.   According to said boyfriend, football is just another form of running (and therefore I should like it). I’ve yet to be convinced by that one… However, he does have a point. Professional footballers are generally very efficient runners and have real endurance, as they need to conserve enough energy and power to run for 90minutes.   A runner looking to improve their fitness and speed could learn a lesson or two from footballers, as speedwork and circuit training plays a key role in their training routines. Footballers also work hard on core strength and stability work, as well as lots of stretching.

 MR-online-ed-carys-matthewsIt’s official

Men’s Running is one of the official GMM media partners. Speaking to GMM race director Simon Hall about his long-term vision for the race I could sense his real passion for making this marathon something great. Unsurprisingly, Old Trafford will be used as the GMM finish line. While the first race in 2012 got off to a rather soggy start, this doesn’t seem to have dampened interest in the race, and I for one wouldn’t mind giving it a go next year – well, I’m not going to pass up the chance to score a PB!      


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