1450The angry jogger

The angry jogger


The angry jogger is Matt Waterworth - an accident-prone Belfast runner who lost 6 stone through jogging. He loves travelling to new cities, racing in half marathons and is currently recovering from a crippling addiction to Mini Babybel.

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Dreaming Of A Better Future As A Winter Runner Thursday 24 January 2013 Angry jogger, Matt reports on how his training for the Paris Marathon is going. Read more >
A missed marathon Tuesday 11 December 2012 The angry jogger recounts how a night of drinking led to missing the Dublin Marathon 2011 in spectacular fashion Read more >
Getting started Monday 26 November , 2012 I've never been in danger of being an athlete. Even in school I was rubbish at sports. I attended a Grammar School so I was forced into playing Rugby in Games lessons. For a stocky 6 foot man I was woeful at it... Read more >

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