A very long journey

Andy Luke
Friday, 3 August, 2012

Everyone has to start somewhere.  I started out running a 4 mile route.  I’d run one mile then walk for five minutes, run another mile, walk for five minutes and so on until I got home.  Gradually I bridged the gaps and ran 2 miles, walked five minutes then ran the remaining 2 miles and eventually I ran the whole 4 miles.  I was so happy with myself the first time I managed the whole route non-stop.   Back then, if someone asked me if I’d ever contemplate running 50 miles I wouldn’t be able to print the expletive I’d have replied with. In fact, at the time I had no idea ultra marathons even existed.  

Building up the distance

The 4 mile route was the beginning of my training towards the Great North Run.  Once I’d conquered the 4 mile route, I extended it to a 6 mile route and eventually to 8 miles.  I only ran the 8 mile route twice over my months of training but it was enough to see me round the Great North Run in about 2 hrs 40 mins.  Feeling healthier and the great feeling of accomplishment were enough to get me hooked on running.  That and the fact that it helped keep my weight down. After a few years of competing in Half marathons, the prospect of doing a Marathon appeared on the horizon – it seemed like the logical next step.  Sure enough after reading up, researching and of course training I managed to get round the Edinburgh Marathon in under 4 and a half hours.    

The next big challenge

  I guess where I’m heading with all this is that I love a challenge.  Now after six marathons – two of them one week apart last year – I started looking for my next quest to conquer.  A  50 mile run.  I wouldn’t call that logical in any way or form.  The biggest physical challenge of my life so far?  Definitely. With the help of Men’s Running I’m taking part in the LadyBower50 in the Peak District at the end of September.  I’ll be blogging about my training, the advice I’m being given and my progress throughout so I hope you’ll follow me on this long – very long – journey.


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