Through the Keyhole

Andy Luke
Friday, 26 October, 2012

So I eventually recovered from my post-race illness (NOT man-flu!) and treading carefully, I eased my way back into some gentle exercise.  Now this was nearly 3 weeks after the ultra and it comprised of a couple of easy sessions on the treadmill at work however there was something else that I was being cautious about. Way back at the end of March this year I twisted my left leg at work (playing tennis of all things!).  I was limping about for a week or so later until the pain subsided and I started running again. Over the following months my knee flared up again after a run.   Not wanting to be hampered by it, I started to run with a knee support on.  This seemed to work a treat and soothed the impact the running was taking on it.  Eventually it didn’t even seem to affect my running, the only real problem I had was when I crouched or squatted, the knee just didn’t want to bend all the way without hurting. Having already applied for Operation Ultra I went to the doctors to get his consent to take part.  He referred me to the Orthopaedic Unit at my local Hospital to look at my knee.  I got an appointment within 2 weeks and was seen by a specialist who didn’t think it was serious but “to be on the safe side”, referred me for an MRI scan.  I was fortunate enough to be told there had been a cancellation the following week so they could fit me in then (I’ve been told by some people that they’ve waited months to be seen).  I turned up the following week and lay for nearly half an hour in the big buzzing machine that felt like (and sounded like) I was lying under a reversing JCB whilst attempting to listen to the Foo Fighters through stethoscope-style earphones.  A very strange experience. As fortunate as I was to get the appointment quickly it took about 2 months to receive the letter stating the results.  According to the scan I had torn two bits of cartilage which is causing some rubbing on my joint surface to which they suggested I get keyhole surgery rectify it.  I phoned up advising I would like to pursue it and had to give my availability for the operation.  Now this was at the beginning of September.  I had my holiday in Bulgaria booked and the LadyBower50 at the end of the month so I explained I wasn’t available until October.  The surgeon’s secretary said she would call me back nearer the time to arrange an appointment for the surgery. It was about 2 weeks ago that I received the call asking me if I could come in on 1st November to which I have agreed.   I haven’t been told much about what is involved in the operation apart from that I’m going to be out of action for a few months and I could even be on crutches immediately after the operation.  Rest is on the cards so it’s looking like I’ll be starting my winter hibernation early this year!


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