Amsterdam Half Marathon 2011

‘Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s 100% flat!'
Simon Amsterdam


Simon Freeman.




Business Development Manager for Design Agency.



Amsterdam Half Marathon.


13.1 miles.

What was your race time?


How long have you been running?

Six years.

What made you decide to sign up for this race?

Suggested by my coach and training partners.

What were your expectations for the race?

I was looking to have a good race, chase the person in front and push myself in a long threshold run.

What were your high and low points during the race, if any?

Low point was not getting to the start pen in time and starting a long way back in a pen that included runners from the winner down to 1hr 30 predicted finish time. This made for a difficult first two kilometres or so. High point was working with another runner and eventual winner of the women’s race in a group of three.

What was the best part of the course for you?

Vondelpark is lovely to run through (and at that point we only had 2K left to run!)

What was the most challenging part of the course for you?

The start – having such a wide range of abilities even in the front pen made the start a bit chaotic.

How would you describe the crowd support?

Brilliant, from start to finish.

What was the male/female ratio roughly in the race?

No idea.

Did you see many people running in costume, and if so what was the best costume?

Where I was running, I did not see anyone in costume during the race, although there were a few men in nurses uniforms that I saw at the start!

What’s your overall verdict of the race? Give marks out of ten for the following categories:


7/10 – the start pens could have been better.


8/10 – a lovely city.


9/10 – great crowds and a good field to race against.

Would you do it again next year?


What one tip or piece of information would you like to pass on to anyone thinking of doing this race for the first time?

The way that the half marathon starts at 1:30pm, it is easy to get caught up in the marathon that is finishing, on the way to the start of the half. Leave plenty of time.


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