Adopt a London Marathoner

If you, or someone you know, has been awarded a spot in the 2011 Virgin London Marathon, SOLE, in conjunction with Runners Need and Action PR, want to adopt you!

Valued at over £500, they will set you up with the best tools to get you started on your London Marathon journey:

• SOLE - Custom insoles which mould to your unique foot to support your natural running style, performance socks to ensure you stay blister free and Exhale recovery footwear to let your feet and body relax after a hard training session so you are fully prepared for your next run.• Runners Need - Comprehensive Gait Analysis to determine your running style. You will then be fitted with the perfect pair of trainers for your feet to ensure maximum comfort and performance as well as reducing your risk of injury.
• Top of the range Running Kit to ensure you not only look the part, but that you are wearing the very best technical fabrics for the job.• Full phone consultation with Fitness Trainer Kristoph Thompson, as well as a personalised marathon training plan and ongoing phone support.Be an Adopted London Marathoner, get the most out of your training, and enjoy every successful step of the 2011 Virgin London Marathon.What do they ask in return? Simply that you do a weekly blog on your experience. Wear your free gear, and share your thoughts on training, kit, and gear; give them a smile and wave as they cheer you on, on marathon day.Write to them at explaining why you should be chosen as their Adopted London Marathoner. Good luck!Entry deadline is noon, Friday 26th of November, 2010.Adoptee will be announced on Sunday 28th of November at the London Running Show at 1pm, Booth C27 (Running Free Magazine Booth)Contestants must have a valid ballot for the London Marathon. SOLE insoles and socks are only available in sizes UK2-15, and Exhale recovery shoes UK3-12.


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