486About the Team

About the Team

Carys Matthews

Online Editor

Carys is our Online Editor, so if there are any glitches or route-mapping issues on the site that need sorting out she’s the woman to contact! Carys confesses to being a ‘running addict’, which has seen her clocking up the miles to run two marathons, including one in Tokyo, Japan, several half-marathons and plenty of 10K races. Recently achieving a new marathon PB of 3.30 hours in the Brighton Marathon her next running goal is a sub-3.30 marathon. ‘While I was thrilled with my time I couldn’t help feeling that had my race day strategy been better I could have come in under the elusive 3.30 mark,' says Carys.  ‘I’m most likely addicted to the fabled “runner’s high”, but I also run because of the sense of adventure I get from running.’ Running around four to five times a week, Carys balances things out by swimming, doing a bit of yoga and whizzing around southwest London on two wheels. Oh and she loves a good pint of cider in a country pub.

Danny Coyle

Magazine Editor

Danny Coyle
The Men's Running mag editor Danny is a keen runner. ‘I try to run three times a week for at least half an hour. If I’ve entered a race it might go up to five to get myself in shape for the time I have in mind,’ says Danny. He’s done three marathons, a couple of 20-mile races plus a few half-marathons and 10k races. ‘It was my best and my worst feeling when I finished my first marathon. It was London in 2008 and it was an amazing experience to cross that line, but I missed getting a sub-four hour time by 27 seconds, and still haven’t managed to beat it. If anyone has a training plan that counters getting older and slower, e-mail me.’ Danny also plays for Campion Old Boys Rugby Club. ‘I once managed to run into a large, hard, wooden beam during a rugby training session and ended up with 17 stitches in my face followed by a nasty bout of septicaemia. I got bitten by a dog on a training run once as well. He was only a puppy but it took a few goes to shake him off my thigh.’

Rob McGarr

Assistant Editor

When Rob runs, it’s normally after a teammate’s overambitious through-ball or his own clumsy first touch. That’s all set to change, though, as you can’t get away with working on a running mag without doing some proper running.
Rob is all set to christen his running shoes at the Berlin 10k, if by ‘all set’ you mean ‘woefully underprepared’, and by ‘running shoes’ you mean ‘battered old highly unsuitable Nike Airs’, and by ‘Berlin 10k’ you mean ‘painful and potentially fatal stagger through the German capital’. Watch this space.

Christina Macdonald


Chris Sep2010
Chris is the Editor-in-Chief, which means it's her job to run the show. ‘I love the variety of my job, covering the topic of running, which I'm passionate about, and working with my highly talented and creative team,’ says Chris. She runs three to four times a week and also goes to the gym. ‘I run for between 20 to 40 minutes every other day,’ she says. ‘I am not a fast runner, I firmly believe in pacing yourself! In my view, this is the best way to avoid injuries and it also makes the experience of running more enjoyable.’ Her favourite song to run to is Plastic Dreams by Jay Dee. When not at work, Chris can be found drinking wine, stroking her two gorgeous cats, Arnie and Sylvester, and riding her motorbike (though not all at once!).)

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